k i k u b a r i
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We are Fabienne (creator and curator) and Claudio (co-creator). Inspired by life itself, a lot of books and Japanese culture, we changed our private life over time. From a «normal» Western lifestyle we went to a minimalistic lifestyle. Our household is almost Zero-Waste and we believe in creative power. We spend time not with consuming things but with creating things. Although we wanted to change the world and empower other people to walk with us, we did not know how to. Until one day we heard in a lecture, that you cannot change the world - but you can use your freedom of action and be your own system. And many little systems may change the world in the end. So we decided to become our own little system. With a lot of failures but much hope and many good thoughts. We created Kikubari.

We want to set new standards. That’s why we defined our values in a very progressive way. We think that the worlds system will find an end very soon if it stays the way it is. And without any world there will be no room for beautiful items, art and headspace anymore. Kikubari allows us to focus on the essential things as profits are not our highest goal. We believe in our values and the world. And we believe in a collective mind that can bring the world in balance again.